14 Bit RAW Recording @ 60FPS on the 5D Mark III

I had the chance to film a few snippets of test footage the other day. I was filled with astonishment upon opening it up on my computer.

Full frame sensor (36x24mm). Continuous 60fps slow motion. In cinema-dng


For comparison:
Arri Alexa sensor (23.8 x 13.4mm)
Red Epic, Scarlet(25.9 x 14.5mm)
BM Ursa 4.6k  (25.34 x 14.25mm)

One camera that definitely surpasses this would be the Arri 65 (54.12 mm x 25.58 mm), but is not even available for purchase! Only via rental from Arri.


Shot with directional lighting motivated from window of the coffee shop. Negative fill on the left of frame. A very low key look. Light color grade in Davinci Resolve.

My next test will definitely consist of a human subject!