14 Bit RAW Recording @ 60FPS on the 5D Mark III

I had the chance to film a few snippets of test footage the other day. I was filled with astonishment upon opening it up on my computer.

Full frame sensor (36x24mm). Continuous 60fps slow motion. In cinema-dng


For comparison:
Arri Alexa sensor (23.8 x 13.4mm)
Red Epic, Scarlet(25.9 x 14.5mm)
BM Ursa 4.6k  (25.34 x 14.25mm)

One camera that definitely surpasses this would be the Arri 65 (54.12 mm x 25.58 mm), but is not even available for purchase! Only via rental from Arri.


Shot with directional lighting motivated from window of the coffee shop. Negative fill on the left of frame. A very low key look. Light color grade in Davinci Resolve.

My next test will definitely consist of a human subject! 

Ursa Mini 4.6K Color Grade Test and Initial Thoughts

I had a chance to put the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K to the test for Vancouver's Mobi/Hub Web Commercial last month. It was a rainy one, and the camera proved to be very robust for semi R&G shooting. Below is a shot from the last scenes for the short that I DP'd in partnership under agency Wakefield Productions.

The Ursa's undeniable value proposition is definitely the Raw capability, slow motion 4K 60fps, wide dynamic range  (I think it's something like 15 stops?!)

Even without shooting in Raw Cinema DNG, Prores in-camera offers amazing flexibility for the final grade. I will be using this camera more extensively in the following months on a narrative and a brand story, and am very excited to give my in-depth review on it! 

No Vacancy - A Film on Vancouver's Affordability Crisis

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Union Gospel Mission to DP a piece on the increasingly unavoidable home affordability crisis in Vancouver. We follow our main character as he is forced into homelessness despite his best efforts. View the video below to find out more about the issue of vacancy shortage and growing unaffordable prices. 

Shot on a7s mark 2. Pilotfly H2 gimbal.Various Sony and Canon Prime lenses.

Raw Recording on the 5 Year old 5D MARK III

It's a very exciting time right now for Canon dslr owners. The team at Magic Lantern have now made it possible to shoot experimental raw 4k on the five year old camera.

Okay! Straight to the point, the following resolutions and frame rates are now possible.

1920x960 @ 50p (both 1:1 crop and full-frame - 3x3 pixel binning)
1920x800 @ 60p (same as above)
1920x1080 @ 45p and 48p (3x3 binning)
1920x1920 @ 24p (1:1 square crop)
3072x1920 @ 24p (1:1 crop)
3840x1600 @ 24p (1:1 crop)
4096x2560 @ 12.5p (1:1 crop)
4096x1440 @ 25p (1:1 crop)

Screenshots (Courtesy of magiclantern.fm)

Having heard this news, I hastily dusted off my dslr and installed the latest experimental build and tried it out in my neighborhood. I will have new sample footage in the coming days. Compared to other previous builds, it requires a little bit more work to get the final workable image for post-production. It requires a bit of command_prompt code, whereas previous RAW workflows already have open-source DNGconverters for previous builds of ML.

Here are some shots of the March 30th stable build. Look forward to new sample footage soon.